Monday, March 28, 2011

No Walls Will Keep Me Protected

Adobe Lightroom3
Oreo and chocolate chip cookies
Berry Shortcake
Florence and the Machine
Midsummers Night Dream
Eye Of The Storm
No Homework
No Maths
That 70's Show
Top Chef- Just Deserts

My day. 'ts bin pretty good. I must admit.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We'll watch the world from above, as it turns to the rhythm of love.

i'm sorry i haven't posted. i always seem to get preoccupied by tumblr or flickr. i do want to keep going with this blog though. so i suppose i should catch you up a bit on my life. my wreck this journal still hasn't come and i want to cry about it. but in happy news, vair vair happy news. i went to stan walker's concert on friday night at the town hall in auckland city. amaaazing concert (; and here's the best bit. he did a free signing afterwards. just announced like that ! so i bought a beanie, poster and t-shirt there, and got my ipod touch and t-shirt signed, along with a photo with him ! hells yeah. i got to talk, and take a photo with freaking stan walker. it was so awesome. (: also, wherever you're from you must have heard about the recent christchurch earthquake. it's really upsetting. for the week or so after it happened that was all that was on tv. i just can't believe it's happened again, we were so lucky last time. so yeah, please pray for christchurch. anyways, i have work in 40 minutes so i should probably eat and get ready blah blah blah. check out my flickr for pictures of the stan concert and the signing, and i took a few photos about christchurch, among other photos. enjoy ^__^

Friday, February 25, 2011

You May Say I'm A Dreamer, But I'm Not The Only One

I have just finished my "Tumblr 10 Day Challenge"
I need a job. Desperately. Because I want a camera as soon as I can. I've seen a few nice ones, but I'd still need like another $1000. *grrrrrr*

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Woke Up Around A Half Past Ten, Can't Believe I Was Late Again

Scarlett is about as hard to find (and get to post) as Wally. Unless you are American, then Waldo. I've been going on about it to her for a while, aaand I have a slight suspicion that she mightn't post on here again. Sadly. I don't know why.
On the lighter side though, we went to the Lantern Festival on Friday night. :) 'Twas pretty awesome.
On my blog, I'm doing a 'Tumblr Ten Day Challenge' but on blogger. Todays post will be day 6.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whoa Mona Lisa, You’re Guaranteed To Run This Town

I don't know where Scarletts gone. :/ I will find her, and get her to post.
Google chrome is epic. Way better than firefox. *thanks Matt* :)
Went to the mall today, but I didn't buy anything. I'm still saving for a camera thats way beyond awesome. Deffs Nikon. Maybe a D3100? Or a D7000? Idk. They are all beautiful.
JuicyCouture by Juicy Couture was 30% off for the perfume and miniature. D: How I wish I could have bought it!
*sigh* Once I find a job and then buy my camera I can spend lots of money on beautiful things like perfume. :)